Value Creation

Delwik does not employ a 'one fit all approach to business'. We believe in targeting specific opportunities while simultaneously addressing the individual challenges faced by each portfolio company therefore setting a clear path for success. The "Delwik Playbook" includes a number of business enhancement initiatives that can be incorporated into what ultimately becomes customized strategies and competitive advantages. If executed successfully, it will build stronger and more sustainable businesses on the long run.

Human Capital

We believe having the right talent in place is critical to achieving significant business improvement. We work hand-in-hand with management to identify, develop and appropriately source the initiatives that will drive continued value creation for businesses. We work with our management team to ensure focus and emphasis is put on recruiting, team selection, talent assessment, organizational design to establish a high-performance, high-reward culture. Additionally, at Delwik it is critical to closely align our leadership team’s competences with the business and investments we make.

Strategy & Growth

Our goal is to cultivate and refine strategies to accelerate organic growth by recognizing and prioritizing resources. We assess the potential to make progressive investments in technologies, capabilities and capacity. We also seek to reinforce growth through add-on acquisitions and joint ventures in order to enhance business offerings, market opportunity and market share.

Cash Generation & Risk Mitigation

Delwik seeks to drive efficiencies in cash management for the business we are invested with or advising. This includes analyzing and advising on a more efficient use of working capital through the enhancement of terms.

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